Scripture Study Courses

Basava Divine Center is dedicated to spreading the message of the 12th century Sharanas. The courses conducted by the Center are based on their writing aimed towards the spiritual growth of an aspirant. The courses are guided home study courses.

Intro to the path of Basavanna:

Introduces the spiritual path of Guru Basavanna.

Vachanas of Basavanna:

A systematic study of Guru Basavanna’s Vachanas for aspirants

Vachanas of Prabhudeva:

Teaches advanced aspirant the subtleties of undertaking this spiritual path.

Vachanas of Akkamahadevi:

Motivatesan aspirants to single mindedly pursue their spiritual path.

Vachanas of Chennabasavanna:

Enables an aspirants to shed their ignorance and negativity.

Vachanas of Siddharameshwara:

Will gently nudge aspirants toward Shivayoga.

Six-tiered path of Guru Basavanna (7 Part course):

Advanced seven part course that guides sincere aspirants toward Lingagayoga.

Ongoing Courses

Currently, BDC is conducting two Kannada and one English batch of the course, “Intro to the Path of Basavanna”. The sessions are conducted as group study program with tele-meeting on weekly/i-weekly basis.

Please contact BDC if you are interested.