Religious & Services

Mantra Deekshe

Guru Mantra and/or Deva mantra are imparted to individuals as the first step of initiation into the path of Guru Basavanna

Istalinga Deekshe

This initiation ceremony will herald the beginning of Adhyatmic journey in the path of Guru Basavanna.

Guru-Linga-Jangama Pooje

Exclusively using the writings of Guru Basavanna & Sharanas, BDC performs Guru, Linga, and Jangama pooja as taught by Sharanas.


BDC officiates weddings in the tradition of Basavanna.


BDC conducts the housewarming ceremony to bless the residences of the community members.

Garbhalinga Dharane

This is a rite to be performed for the unborn baby, typically during the seventh month of the pregnancy

Naming & Linga Dharane

BDC performs naming and Linga Dharane ceremonies for infants and children

Birthday & Anniversary

Celebrating the Birthday and Anniversaries involves praying for the blessings of Guru, Linga, & Jangama

Funeral & Memorial Services

Performed in the tradition of Sharanas, these help family their grieving along with praying for the departed soul